Why Study Spanish in San Carlos over Medellin?

Medellin Spanish Schools vs. Spanish Adventure

Colombia is the best place to learn Spanish in South America.  The lingo is clear, the weather is great and there is always so much to do.  Most people consider big like Medellín, Bogotá or Cartagena when deciding where to study; here is why you should come to San Carlos!

See the head to head comparison. Medellin Spanish Schools vs. Spanish Adventure

1. Adventures

Is Medellin surrounded by over a hundred waterfalls, fincas, rivers and lush green hills? Nope, but San Carlos is!  Here you have the opportunity to hike, swim, climb, do some canyoning or play volleyball by the river.  After a morning of lessons what could be better than relaxing outdoors with clean fresh air and beautiful scenery - while practicing all of those new Spanish words.  Sure Jardin Botanico in Medellin is nice, with some cool trees and a few iguanas - but San Carlos has this and more, spreading for miles and you have the chance to be out in this every single day!



2. Off the Beaten Track

In complete contrast to the sprawling dense city of Medellin, San Carlos is a safe, friendly, ‘real’ Colombian town, undisturbed by loads of ‘Gringos’. How many people can say that they were the only foreigners living in a town while on their travels?!  It may not have the luxury of round the world cuisine, or a Crepes and Waffles, but we do have some extremely good arepas and the freedom to observe daily Colombian life (and nightlife!).

3. Full Immersion

Because San Carlos is off the beaten track, very few locals speak English meaning that there are endless occasions to practice. You will probably have locals stop you in the street  to talk and it is easy to get deep in conversation with one of the many locals who pop into the school or join our Wednesday ‘intercambio’ language exchanges. Although there is no denying that people in Medellin are friendly, everyone in San Carlos knows you are here to learn and can really help you out, especially when you start recognizing familiar faces!

4. Family Atmosphere

We study, eat, socialise and sleep in the school so it does not take long to get to know everyone really well - we have no choice! Every evening several students or volunteers will cook a feast of a family dinner for everyone to eat together. This environment helps with learning, as we can practice with each other and there are always loads of people around to help with homework. It’s a super fun and comfortable atmosphere to be learning and living within.

5. Backpacker Budget

Compared to many of the schools in the city, Spanish Adventure costs much less. Especially as no school in the city offers the packages available here - classes, accommodation, food AND adventures! Because San Carlos is off the beaten track, the general cost for groceries and eating out is cheaper, making this place well suited to the backpacker budget and an easy place to spend a few weeks studying without denting your travel funds. The town also has a gym with an outdoor area too - impressive scenery while trying to sweat out those arepas, for only 20,000 COP a fortnight.

6. Animals

Lastly, here in San Carlos we have our very own house elf (dog) - Dobby! Along with a delightful cat, Elsa. Dobby accompanies us everywhere. To the shops, to the plaza and even on adventures - at the end of a long day he is always willing to have a big cuddle and we can always count on him to make us laugh.

Dobby from atop Piedra del Tabor (Stone of Tabor) overlooking San Carlos

Dobby from atop Piedra del Tabor (Stone of Tabor) overlooking San Carlos

Even if you are not a huge thrill seeking, adventure junkie there is something for everyone here in San Carlos - considering all of the above, studying here seems like a no brainer! What are you waiting for? Register now!