Why Learn Spanish With US?

Excursions for you to connect with locals and breathtaking nature. 

Every day (Monday-Saturday) we leave the classroom and have adventures that range from jumping off waterfalls, hiking up mountains, swimming in rivers to completing challenges with the help of locals. This way, you will learn about real Colombian culture, tradition, and history - all while practicing your Spanish! (see more in Adventures section)

Complete Spanish Immersion in Colombian culture

Learning Spanish, or any other language begins with understanding the culture and origin of the language. We will fully immerse you in Colombian daily life, the beautiful environment that provides a daily adventure into the landscapes of Antioquia, and grow your comprehension of this romantic language.

Staying in the big cities will not challenge your Spanish practice because tourism is catered to English speakers. Learning in an immersive experience will truly challenge your development. This is why we chose San Carlos to be the base for Spanish Adventure. San Carlos is a famous town in Colombia known for its waterfalls and an example of peace and reconciliation inside Colombia after the war (see more in San Carlos section). San Carlos is a gem, and has yet to see growth of international tourism.

Just one of over one hundred waterfalls in San Carlos, Antioquia

Student Testimonials

  • More than anything I liked the practical courses in the afternoon. Learning Spanish while jumping off rocks has never been more exciting."
    — Matthew from Belgium | 29 | "Building Spanish"
  • "I loved that the people of San Carlos were so open and curious of us foreigners and happily conversed with us even though our Spanish was at a basic level, making it easy to practice what we learned in class."
    — Mac from Ireland | 35 | "Traveling Spanish"
  • I've taken Spanish classes in my university, at Spanish schools in Medellin, and here. Spanish Adventure has been the best—and most fun—learning experience yet. Hands down.
    — Skylar from USA | 22 | "Building Spanish"
  • Camilo, Daniel, and Joan weren't my teachers; they were (and still are!) my friends. They warmly welcomed me, and I felt right at home from the start. My week with them was my most memorable and enjoyable in Colombia!
    — Lily from USA | 20 | "Building Spanish"

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