Colombia Spanish Classes - Learn Spanish at Spanish Adventure


Our Spanish learning methodology is based on practice learning. We have a flexible and dynamic program with personalized classes. The lessons are adapted to each students expectations and necessities (business, travel, medical, family, conversational level). We will encourage you to speak, listen, read, and write through our fun exercises. There are options to offer customized classes due to our small groups.

Weekly Spanish classes are the perfect way to experience authentic Colombian culture while simultaneously improving your Spanish skills with guaranteed results from week one. Focusing on more than just classroom lessons, Spanish Adventure can guarantee stellar results as we combine the following to maximize your learning and enjoyment:

  • Grammar Spanish lessons, focus on practicing old skills and learning new ones

  • Worksheets, exercises and after class help available

  • A complete Spanish immersion in Colombian Culture

  • Adventures every day to experience Colombia nature and culture while applying your newly-learned Spanish

A week at Spanish Adventure:

Example Adventure Package 15 hours

  • 1 Group workshop. All students learning from our most experienced teachers about a tricky Spanish subject. Examples include the usage of (

  • 1 or 2 practical cultural tours. activities to learned more about culture, interact with the local community, learn useful vocabulary, and know more about the history and traditions of San Carlos and Colombia.

  • 8 hours of Spanish group classes.Focused on understanding of the grammar, practice listening, speaking, solve important grammar challenges and. Maximum of 5 students.

  • 4 hours of one-on-one practice. Focus on your needs and apply what you learned in classes. Conversational practice, learn vocabulary and some help with homework.

  • Additionally, we have different Adventures, projects and activities for you to interact with the natural and cultural environment of course in Spanish.