Meet One of Our Students

Everyone knows variety is where the fun is! At Spanish Adventure anyone who has the desire to learn can get taught Spanish. The school fits every need you may have in order to learn or improve your Spanish, and for that reason we have students from all over the world.
Spanish Adventure provides you with personal motivation, the chance to learn about Colombian culture and the ability to communicate with your friends. Here you will also have the chance to improve specific skills such as conversing, grammar, writing or listing. You can also focus on broadening your knowledge within a certain topic, like Narcis Serafras. She is a Dutch medicine student and is staying with Spanish Adventure for four weeks.

Hey, Nacis! Why did you choose Spanish Adventure?
– Because I’m going to do an internship at a hospital in Bogota for two months that will be in Spanish. When I came here my Spanish was basic level, like A2, and I need to be way more advance to manage my work at the hospital. I found out about Spanish Adventure through a Facebook group. There is this Dutch group for backpackers and they posted a really nice review of the school. Back then I wasn’t even looking for a language school but it sounded so great. Another reason was that I didn’t want just a normal language school where you just have Spanish lessons and then you’re done for the day. I really like the adventures and the language exchange with the locals. I also really like that we’re all living together and that you’re surrounded with the people in your class all day. Because of that you really get to know everyone, even outside the classroom. Yeah, so I think the main thing that I like the fact that your day is full with activities.

What do you think about the class sizes?
Good. I like that the classes consist of really small groups. I appreciate that if you don’t feel comfortable in the class you’re placed in, you can just talk to either Daniel or Camilo, and they come up with something else that will work for you. For example, last week I was too advanced for one group but not really on par with the one above me, so Daniel and Camilo arranged so that I could get private lessons and I learned a lot. They’re so chill!

Do you get any homework?
Yes, all of us do. Both Daniel and Camilo come up with fun and creative homework. My homework for yesterday was to think of a characters and what they can do. Daniel was SpongeBob, I was Pablo Escobar and my classmate Sonya was Micky Mouse. Then we had to pretend that we were all living together and make up what we liked and disliked with each other. It’s not you typical homework at all. And last week when I had private classes we were focusing on medicine terminology and I had to learn how to explain different deceases and practising vocabulary. I actually think Camilo thought it was really interesting too because he said that he learned a lot.

Have you taken language classes previously? How is this different?
– Yes, in November I had ten lessons in Holland. It was very intense, but it was in such a short period of time that in that moment I learned a lot but I also forgot it really fast. Here it’s so different, you’re surrounded by Spanish speaking people all the time. No one except the teachers and the activity leaders speak English. You get immersed in a completely different way. So yeah, I definitely prefer this! I’m convinced that it’s always better to study in a Spanish speaking country.

What do you think about San Carlos?
– It’s such a cute village! It’s surrounded by beautiful nature and I feel very safe here. Because it’s so small you really get to know the locals (especially the guys working at the liquor store, hehe). Or the man who is always sitting outside the school, he’s so sweet. The town makes you feel comfortable.

Which parts of the Spanish Adventure do you like the most and least?
– I guess it’s all the small things I like the most. For example, every night one group cooks for the rest and then we all have dinner together. It feels like a family. But also studying together, having lunch together after class, going on adventures. It’s not one thing, it’s the combination. You can’t get this type of learning anywhere else. It feels like my heart is continuously melting a little bit. Well, the part I like the least is the cold showers. That’s the only thing I’m actually missing, especially after climbing a waterfall.

What’s your favourite memory so far?
– Wow, there’re so many! But the most funny one is probably when we made a tv-show last week. It’s so nice to see how the teachers prepare all these activities and shows, and that they’re really into it. They can act totally crazy, there’s no shame here and students feel that. I feel like I really can be myself.

Which is your favourite Spanish word and why?
– Coquetear, which is to flirt. I don’t exactly know why. I just learned it the other day and I really like it. But I also like "Luna de miel" which means honeymoon. It's funny how so many Spanish words can directly translate from English.     

Other reviews from previous students and volunteers (from Workaway and Tripadvisor):

“This is the place to go!! Camilo, Daniel and Christian are not hosts they are masters of happiness and the professionals of joy and damn are they good at sharing it. I had to literally peel myself away from San Carlos and everything that this school provides. I have never volunteered in such an incredible place where you can learn Spanish from the best teachers, go on adventures with the mighty Manuel and party till the sun rises with a stallion such as Christian. If i have one regret its that i'm not there now. Cheers guys, my time with you was beyond belief!”

- Kieran, volunteer March 2018.
"I did two weeks at Spanish Adventure but I wish I could have done two years! The school is everything they say it is - the instruction is fantastic, the adventures are no joke, and the town is tiny and amazing and surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and rivers. Every day, I went for a run around a track that was also a grazing spot for one of the local farmer's horses. I mean - c'mon! Camilo and Daniel make the classes SOO fun that sometimes I forgot I was learning." 

- Rebecka, July 2017

"It's hard to overstate how phenomenal Spanish Adventure is. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and rivers, San Carlos is the perfect place to discover authentic Colombian culture." 

- Andrew, May 2017

"I don’t even know where to begin!! My experience here was absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The people are some of the kindest, most welcoming people you will ever meet. The teachers are so knowledgeable and create an environment that makes you excited to learn."

- Julia, March 2018