¡Buen Provecho!

Buen provecho = Enjoy your meal

Everyone who studies recognises the feeling; learning can make you so hungry! Luckily at Spanish Adventures the lunch is included in our packages - and is not just a simple lunch, we go after classes to the restaurant Aji Dulce.

What is it like there? We asked one of our students, Kelly, and the owner of the restaurant, Aji Dulce, ¨Paola.

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Facts: 27 years old, from New York
Weeks spent at Spanish Adventure: 2
Favorite Spanish phrase: muy rico (=so tasty)

Food is one of my favourite things in the world. In my culture food is really important, and for me its also one of the best things about travelling.
I think eating the food from the country that you are visiting tells you a lot about their culture, its so exciting getting to try new things and I love finding out how its made and what it means to the community. A lot of Colombia food is fried, which is really delicious. The food during the lunches is by far the healthiest I had so far in Colombia and that is great!
Everyday Paola from Aji Dulce comes to the school and asks what we want for lunch. This is so great because you can really customise your lunch. Aji Dulce is very accomodating and is great for people with all sorts of dietry requirements, especially vegetarianism.
My favourite food they serve is the lentle soup, and I also definetely recommend the yuca. Also I know it is not Colombian at all, but the lasagne is so good!
I love the girls who work there, they are sooo sweet and they always have smiles on their faces.


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Facts: from Venezuela, but has been living in Colombia for almost 2 years
Profession: owner and chef at Aji Dulce
Favorite Spanish word: Amor (=love)

In Venezuela I wasn´t cooking for living, but I always loved to cook for my family. I have been here in San Carlos for almost 2 years now and I run the restaurant Aji Dulce. I really wanted to open a restaurant with an international kitchen, of course with influences from Colombia and Venezuela, but also for example Italy. Casuela is the most popular Columbian dish that we serve, especially with the teachers Camilo and Daniel, it is a meal with beans, rice, meat in little pieces, fried egg and avocado. Also a really popular meal at our place is the creamy chicken becamel. We cook a lot with vegatables and we love to try out new things.
In the future I hope more people in San Carlos will get to know Aji Dulce. We are also opening a bar, that will serve mojitos and other cocktails on Fridays.
I really love to cook for Spanish Adventures, because my wish was to open an international restaurant and now I got customers from all over the world.