Student Profiles - Student Experiences at Spanish Adventure

There are all kinds of different students here at Spanish Adventure. Some students just want to learn the basics of Spanish to survive, while others make big plans for a long stay in Latin America. At Spanish Adventure you get classes matched to your own level and wishes, so we asked two different students about their learning experiences at Spanish Adventure.

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Facts: 36 years old, from the Netherlands, but traveling around the world for three years
Goal: To make myself understandable during traveling in Latin America
Weeks spent at Spanish Adventure: 2
Favorite Spanish word: Amar (to love)

It is my first time in South America and before arriving here I did not have any Spanish. It is an amazing experience to study here at Spanish Adventure because the teachers are really professional, but they are also fun. I think they are really special because they have a great energy, and what I really like is that they motivate you to improve.

Besides the classes it is really helpful that you are always practicing your Spanish here. The whole schedule of the week aids your learning, every afternoon we go on an Adventure – however this isn´t just fun its also quite educational! For example we try not to speak English while on it and play lots of Spanish games. Also being in San Carlos really helps as we are always interacting with the locals, for example when buying groceries for dinner. The house is a really sociable environment and I am always learning from other students because everybody helps each other.

My plan is to stay two weeks now, but I´m definitely considering coming back here later in my trip to learn more. It is really impressive how much you learn here in such a short time!

Our group of students are the only tourists in the town, you get really the feeling you are living in Colombia and not just in a touristic place. If you want to learn Spanish, and want off the beaten track this place is perfect.

Top tip for learning Spanish: For beginners my advice is to download an app for your mobile phone, it really helped me to increase my vocabulary.


Facts: 25 years old, from Canada
Goal: To be able to talk with locals and watch a movie in Spanish without subtitles (yes, that is really challenging)
Weeks spent at Spanish Adventure: 3
Favorite Spanish word: Chimba (=great/cool)

I have been in Colombia for almost two months now and I am really focussing on learning the language. Before coming to Spanish Adventure I tried to teach myself using books, however I have found studying here improves my Spanish at a far faster rate.

I´m really happy with my teacher Camilo, he is enthusiastic and is not afraid to correct you. The classes are never boring, the groups are small and theres always a lot of back and forth. What I really like is that the school is in San Carlos. I like that noone in the town speaks English and therefore you have to use and practice your Spanish. My plan initially was to stay for two weeks, however I love the area so much and it is such a good spot to learn the language I am extending my stay by at least one week.

Spanish Adventure is a great place to study, however its also a really cool place to stay and hangout. I like that every evening the students, teachers, and our Colombian friends cook and have dinner together. The house is very sociable however it is also big enough to have some privacy to chill and study when needed.

Top tip for learning Spanish: Try many different things, translate songs, make vocabulairy lists, and most importantly – talk to people! You learn the most by talking, it doesn´t matter if it is horrible in the beginning, you have to start somewhere!