Colombia Immersion - Staying active in San Carlos

Colombia Immersion - Staying Active While Studying Spanish in Colombia

How to make the most of your time in San Carlos, Colombia

You have Spanish lessons in the morning, swim and jump off rocks during the adventures while exploring the beautiful San Carlos landscape. BUT, you still have energy.

In San Carlos you can find a lot of places where you can exercise or play sports. In fact many of our students enjoy that they can stay active and get into a routine while

Where can I exercises?

In San Carlos there are two outdoor gyms. The closest to the school (just a 2 minute walk away) is for every age. Children play, elders do their cardio and teenagers pump their muscles. It’s a great spot to work out and exchange with the locals in a nice atmosphere. T

The second one is a sports field. Here you have mostly bars and some old-school weights (made out of stones) for some bench presses. School students mostly train here, so if you don’t know what you want to train they might help you out.

There are also two different indoor gyms - that cost around a dollar a pop - if you want more variety and better equipment. The cost is 4.000 COP for the day and well worth it.

Where can I play sports?

There are basketball and soccer fields to play on, either with the locals or with your friends. But be aware, the locals play football pretty well! Don’t expect them to be easy on you. If you go for a game with your Spanish adventure colleagues you will find out that there is always someone who wants to join.

If you don’t like soccer or basketball then don’t worry, there is more in San Carlos. You can play table tennis, volleyball or go out to one of the big fields and play any game you want.

Sport for the brain

If you walk in the streets of San Carlos you will recognize the Colombian culture. The people from San Carlos don’t watch TV or stare at their mobile phones after work. No, they are out on the streets socializing. You will find many people on the street playing card games or board games like chess. Join them, and you might catch some new Spanish words.


It is definitely worth it to overcome your inner fears by getting out there and socializing. Not only to improve your body or mental strength, but also because It is a good opportunity to make some local friends and improve your Spanish. Don’t waste your time in big cities, go out to the Colombian countryside and everyone will welcome you with open arms!