7 Reasons to Study Spanish in San Carlos Colombia

1) Colombian Spanish is Easy to Understand

The Colombian accent is smooth and clear to understand for non-native Spanish speakers, making it a great place to study the language. Of course they have their own slang, but compared to the many other Spanish speaking countries that I've travelled to, Colombian Spanish is easier to follow.

2) San Carlitanos are Incredibly Friendly

Colombians in general are extremely friendly. However, the hospitality in San Carlos is unparalleled. Whether it be through receiving an invite to eat with friendly strangers or having lengthy chats with ladies in supermarkets, I always feel at home. The locals are warm and inviting, making it easy to make local connections, and in fact difficult not to. 

3) San Carlos is a Nature Lover's Paradise

Do you like waterfalls? San Carlos has 9! How about rivers? San Carlos has 6, not to mention over 70 streams! It´s seriously beautiful here, the diversity of outdoor activities here means there is something for everyone, whether you're into cliff jumping and rappelling down waterfalls, horseback riding through the town, or simply enjoying the incredible views, you will be blown away by the natural beauty of San Carlos.

4) It´s Affordable on a Backpacker Budget

Language schools in major cities can be quite costly for those on a shoestring budget, not to mention that the cost of accommodation is always higher in popular tourist hotspots. Spanish Adventure offers economical packages that include Spanish classes, accommodation, lunches, and epic adventures! Additionally, given that San Carlos is a small town with a local feel, the prices of eating out or other activities are markedly lower than many other places in Colombia.  

5) You Will Fall in Love with the Colombian Culture

Colombian culture is bold, loud, and oh so beautiful. From learning how to Salsa dance (or just watching), or playing tejo with the locals, you will never be bored in San Carlos. One of my favourite activities to do here (and there are many) is to simply sit in the Plaza while sipping tinto (coffee) and watching the people pass by. Colombian food is also delicious, you are guaranteed to get hooked on the empanadas and arepas con queso!

6) The Climate is Amazing

The average yearly temperature in San Carlos is 23.2°C/74 Fahrenheit, which provides the ideal climate for hiking and outdoor adventures. Because it is warm and sunny most days, it's a perfect medium between the sweltering humidity of the Coast and the chill of Bogota.

7) You Will be Truly Immersed in Spanish

Given that San Carlos is a small town and off a beaten track, most locals here speak little to no English. This means that you are truly immersed in the language, with ample opportunities to practice Spanish in your everyday life. From shopping in the supermarket to playing football with the locals, every activity is an opportunity to apply what you've learned in the classroom. The best way to practice and improve a language is to weave it into everyday life, an opportunity you’ll certainly receive in San Carlos!

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