August 3rd, 2018 was my last day in Central America; I decided to go to Colombia because Nicaragua at that time was in a really bad situation. I changed my plan and also felt bad about that. So I had no expectations for what might happen in Colombia. 

This is my story about my trip in Colombia.


I planned to start from the north side of Colombia and then go all the way down to Bogota. I’m already planning to go San Carlos as my last stop in Colombia.

I started from Santa Marta, Dibulla, and did the trip to see the desert of Punta Agujas, and I stayed in Dibulla for a month, which is a small village and a hidden gem. There were no tourists, and I tried to speak Spanish with the local people, but I still felt more afraid to speak Spanish at that moment.


I love our adventure every day!

September 6th, I came to San Carlos and stayed for three weeks.


In the school, we had an adventure every day; we usually went to a nice place to swim and to see different parts of San Carlos. Also, it was a chance to figure out what I had already learned about the language and to try to speak Spanish. I got used to speaking a little bit of Spanish, trying to talk with the local people, and learning the new words from the adventures.


The best place to study Spanish is San Carlos for a Spanish adventure.


I didn’t really like the language before I came here because I felt uncomfortable when I tried to speak Spanish, and the people couldn’t always understand me.

I felt more comfortable when I stayed in San Carlos, even though I always made mistakes, but I learned from each of my mistakes. I think the important thing about learning a new language is being immersed in the country.

I really liked this place; hopefully I can speak Spanish fluently when I come back next time.