Colombian Immersion - Explore Colombia

Learning cannot be limited to the classroom

Study Spanish in a formal setting in the mornings, enjoy guided adventure tours in the afternoons and have fun on the weekend adventures with our Spanish speaking locals.

This is an excellent opportunity for improving your Spanish skills in a practical and fun way while exploring some of Colombia’s wonders in San Carlos - a magical town surrounded by mountains, rivers and waterfalls.

We believe that progress is made when you are outside the classroom, interacting with locals, and using your newfound language skills to experience true Colombian culture. That's why we have daily Colombia immersion activities excursions so you can keep learning Spanish without ever being bored.

Weekends - The great Spanish adventure

On Saturdays we will be completely connected to nature. Every week our team prepares a full day adventure that will not only be exciting but a great and challenging opportunity for your Spanish practice. 

Different adventures every weekend and options for all ages. Spend the day speaking Spanish with our team while exploring the remarkable places in San Carlos and making unforgettable memories.

Some Saturdays we organize special adventures and visit neighboring towns to do more extreme tours.

  • Paragliding

  • Zip lining

  • Climbing

  • Rafting

There are sometime additional costs associated.

Typical Activities and tours include:

  • Canyoning

  • Hiking

  • Farm tours

  • Coffee tours

  • And more

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Natural adventures

You are going to have so much fun that you might not even realize that you are actually learning Spanish and building your vocabulary while enjoying yourself. 

The highlights of the adventures you are going to perform in the San Carlos stunning natural environment include, but are not limited to:

  • Waterfall and charcos (swimming hole) excursions

  • River swims and pasture walks

  • Swimming in crystal clear water

  • Mountain jungle treks

  • Options for physical activity & exercise every day

Cultural adventures

Allow yourself to be submerged in the town of San Carlos, a town where few people are able to speak a foreign language, making it the perfect set to really practice Spanish.

By simply staying in San Carlos you will have the chance to get immersed in Colombian lifestyle and have a feeling of la cultura Paisa (the culture from Colombia’s Antioquia region).

Spanish Adventure offers many different opportunities to help you feel integrated with local community through cultural activities, including:

  • Tours and activities related to the history and current events of San Carlos

  • “Ask the Locals” scavenger hunts

  • Poetry reading - read to locals in Spanish and let them read a poem to you

  • Weekly language exchange with local youth

    • Practice Spanish pronunciation and listening skills while having a good time

  • Visit local farms to learn how some traditional products are made

  • Narrative Night with stories about La Violencia that happened in San Carlos

  • Karaokes - singing songs in the Spanish language

Ecological adventures

San Carlos is a natural paradise and as such it is important to preserve and take care of the beautiful Colombian nature while we adventure.

Once a week you will have the opportunity of making a positive impact on this beautiful natural environment by helping to clean up the riverside; through giving something back to nature, you’ll be rewarded with having the chance to discover trails and rivers in this natural paradise!

Rather than leave a carbon footprint you can help to conserve the beautiful natural environment you visit. We try our best to help reduce pollution and improve the habitats of local wildlife.

Tip: did you spot a beautiful bird during your adventure? Why not take the opportunity to learn the names of the birds in Spanish?